Insurance & Risk Management to be taught in US school

I have been over in the United States this past week and in London for a few days before that working on taking the LMI electronic services into both countries. BIcalculator has been in the UK for a year and is gaining more and more support. We introduced PolicyComparison in May and already we have a good following and on this trip we signed up our first insurer, Zurich.

Despite being away, I have been posting articles of interest but have not had time to send out my usual bulletins, for which I apologise.

While here in the US, one article really caught my eye and that was one stating that the Clayton County, Georgia education board, has decided that risk management is one of the key skills that will help its youngsters secure employment after graduation. An understanding of insurance is also seen as advantageous.

The Insurance and Risk Management course that has been developed by the county education board is forming part of a selection of career-focused courses including Legal Environment of Business, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Financial Literacy and International Business and Marketing.

The county’s Coordinator of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education, Ms Eboni Chillis reportly said: “These courses offer rigor, relevance and preparation for our students to be globally competitive and ready for college and career.”

I for one could not agree more and wished that we had this sort of thinking in our schools.

I fly home today arriving back into Australia first up Tuesday morning.

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