ICNZ’s fight to remove unfair FENZ levy

ICNZ’s fight to remove unfair FENZ levy

As reported in Insurance News, New Zealand Insurers are working once again to abolish the unfair fire and emergency services levy imposed on Insurance policies.

Those who have followed me for a while know the hard work we have put in to fight the same thing here in Australia, where we have been successful in Victoria and through www.NoTaxOnInsurance.com where we continue our efforts for the other states and territory, New Zealand is not alone with this!

The ICNZ submission can be found here and outlines two issues they want to address.

  1. The unfairness created by the Fire and Emergenc New Zealand (FENZ) levy on insurance, and why this should be funded through general taxation; and
  2. The tax treatment of earthquake strengthening of buildings.

Well done ICNZ, we will certainly support you on this however we can from across the ditch.

It just makes sense that everyone who lives in the state/country should contribute to our wonderful emergency services, not just those who are prudent enough to Insure.

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