How do we fix people driving into flood waters?

How do we fix people driving into flood waters?

Recently I posted an article on how so many people are failing to take basic risk precautions.

Today a broker shared with me a photo of a car after the driver had driven into flood waters in Penrith, NSW. See above.

The second issue covered in the same post, was hand washing as a basic but important risk management measure against the spread of viruses.

On one hand a lot of restaurants and accommodation houses are suffering, as people are not going out for the risk of getting sick. But on the other end, many businesses are not providing extra or convenient hand washing while members of the public are not taking the advice to undertake hand washing as a safeguard either.

All this is so frustrating. Let us all set the example and protect ourselves at the same time.

Meanwhile, I question: is it worth for an insurer running a test case on lack of reasonable care, where someone has deliberately driven into flood waters?. Surely the risk has been well and truly identified by the press and social media, and the consequences of accepting it have also been clearly articulated. Finally, the fact the insured has driven into the flood prima facie demonstrates the courted the risk.

It would be stronger if the insurer added a warning brochure with their policies and renewals about the dangers of driving into flooded water ways, and perhaps other high risk activities such as texting while driving.

There are other strategies available: 1- Make it an offence to drive into flooded water, with a fine and loss of licence. 2- Exclude losses from motor vehicle policies. Clearly, what we are doing so far is not working.

2 responses to “How do we fix people driving into flood waters?”

  1. Kim harrold says:

    If you intentionally damaged your vehicle, which would be a stupid thing to do, you would not be covered.
    Similarly you run the risk of potentially damaging your vehicle if you drive through flooded roads.Any difference?

  2. Allan says:

    The issue is was it intentionally or accidental claiming they did not know the risk and did not intentionally damage their vehicle.

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