Helping the Elephants

Helping the Elephants

One of the many charities that LMI support is the Berdiri Conservation Foundation in Sumatra. The foundation is working on protecting the unique animals in Sumatra such as the Asian Elephant, Sumatra Rhino, and Sumatra Tigers.

The big issue is loss of habitat and they are doing their best to fight against illegal logging. LMI are working to provide a commercial drone with infrared technology to track down the poachers and illegal logging.

They have built an elephant orphanage and refuge to house elephants to save them from villages who would otherwise shoot them for damaging their crops.

The purpose of this post is two fold.

There is an opportunity for anyone interested to go up and work with the elephants on a volunteer basis for 7 to 10 days. This is a wonderful experience for anyone interested. If you are please let me know.

Meanwhile, they are in need of a ultra sound unit for the elephants. If anyone has any contacts with a supplier, importer, manufacturer of veterinary equipment and ultra sounds in particular please let me know as we would like to purchase one before our next trip there in January.

All this came about due to the wonderful conference that I co-hosted with Greg Pynt from WA in Bengkulu, Indonesia in 2016 on Utmost Good Faith. Bengkulu being the site of Fort Marlborough, which was the subject of the claim in Carter v Boehm [1766] during which Lord Mansfield delivered his important ruling on good faith in the insurance industry.

The conference was a not for profit venture and we continue to help this foundation and an orphanage.

2 responses to “Helping the Elephants”

  1. Pip Thomson says:

    Terry Jackson forwarded your email re “Helping the Elephants” to me.

    I would be interested in receiving further information about this

  2. Allan says:

    Hi Pip,

    I am heading up to both the children’s orphanage and the elephant refuge in mid January to look at the facilities, the work that they are looking at people helping with etc.

    I just want to make sure it is safe, clean etc before we go much further. I know the owner and respect him but I go by the adage better safe than sorry.

    Once I have inspected everything I will write and share my findings etc.

    In the meantime, thanks for expressing your interest. If it is as I suspect it will be a great experience and will be of huge benefit to the magnificent animals.

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