Helping from afar

Photo: Reuters

A couple of years ago my daughter Susan travelled to Costa Rica for two weeks to assist with a community aid program in that country. Students from all around the world participated and Susan made a number of friends including Molly from Long Island, New York.

During our last trip to New York, we visited Molly and her family and had a wonderful BBQ washed down with Long Island Teas (rocket fuel may be a better name).

While Molly and her family are all safe and well it was distressing to hear that their home was trashed by Hurricane Sandy. Molly’s mother is a police officer and her father is a former police  officer. Knowing them they will be too busy helping others to worry about themselves.

At my request they are sending over a copy of their insurance program so that I can carefully go through it and make sure that they claim all that they are entitled to claim and I will summarise it all with a check list.

I have learned that with any major insured loss, particularly during disasters, it is easy to miss something that is covered. Most people lack the time and experience to go through the wording carefully at a time of great stress. On LMI’s measurement we gained an extra 30% for the victims of the Victorian bush fires whom we assisted who were volunteer fire fighters with the CFA.


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