Greek Wildfires – an update

Greek Wildfires – an update

While I was over in Fiji to deliver a paper at a conference I heard that Greece had been hit by wild fires. I checked with our staff with a Greek heritage to ensure their families were okay and I immediately dropped a note to our fellow International Institute of Claims Preparers member Fair Consulting’s Managing Director to make sure he and his family and staff were safe.

He replied with the following information:

Really thoughtful of you, we are all fine.

The fire was in one of the northeast suburbs of the city [the resort area near Athens] and lasted for 5 or 6 hours but was really intense due to extreme strong wind.

The fire passed through an area which had been developed without any serious urban plan.

That seemed to work as a trap of death for hundreds of people. 81 dead, 187 injured, 100+ missing, 2,500 houses and some light businesses burnt to ground. 

Thanks again for your concern.

Sincerely yours 

Vassilis Kratsas 
BSc PgDip Electrical Engineer, FIICP

Mobile  +30-69-700-87-922

23-25 Lekka street, Syntagma 
Athens 105 62
Tel.: +30 210 32 32 633

What is even more concerning is that there is a lot of evidence to suggest some of the fires were deliberately lit. How anyone can live with themselves after taking an innocent life is beyond my comprehension.

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