Formal letter of complaint to Choice – My award to Choice in Return

As Choice Magazine failed to publish my comment on their website and have not replied to an email, I wrote formally to the CEO of Choice seeking the retraction of the ill-advised and totally irresponsible Shonky Award to the entire Insurance Industry.

The Insurance Industry seem to be on the back foot all year fighting the sensationalist media in particular Courier Mail, Channel 9’s Today Show, a show I know a lot of insurance personnel now refuse to watch, and Sixty Minutes.

When Choice jumped on the band wagon with their award that is partly advertised by a cartoon which shows a clear storm and tempest claim being denied for flood it caused me great personal concern and distress. Choice up until recently had a excellent brand and for them to rubbish the entire insurance industry is simply not good and is blatantly false and misleading moving Choice Magazine in my opinion to the level of the gutter press.

A copy of my letter is attached. I have also written to Alan Kohler at the ABC and Alan Jones at 2GB for both their organisations ran news articles about the award to the insurance industry.

Letter to Choice Magazine CEO

I do not intend stopping with this as I feel that it is totally unjustified after all the industry has done following the floods, cyclones and bush fires over the past few years.

At the risk of dropping to their level, I have purchased an Award for Choice Magazine in response  to theirs. Politically not correct but best sums up my first reaction to their Award.

3 responses to “Formal letter of complaint to Choice – My award to Choice in Return”

  1. Ian says:

    “On the question of a standard definition of flood, the Insurance Council of Australia attempted to have a uniform
    definition used in all policies in Australia however the ACCC refused their application.”

    The award should go to the ACC

  2. Gary Everdell says:

    Alan – love the award image posted on site – its ones of my best rantings when mucked around by people who need ( not should) to know better. (viz – like when a beroker rings a claim person at an Insurer and get mucked around or told what is most defintaly “a porky”)

    I support your thinking and appluad your defence of the majority of this great Industry – for without does not bear thinking about !!

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Strongly suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

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