Follow up to yesterday’s rant

Follow up to yesterday’s rant

My rant certainly generated a lot of feedback in the form of phone calls, emails and comments on the various social media links to this blog.

This morning I see that someone in NSW accused of lighting fires has again been allowed out on bail. Arson along with murder was once a capital crime showing the seriousness of the crime in the eyes of society. I am not suggesting we go back to those days, but with the senseless attack on a pedestrian that could have led to death or permanent injury and arson where, as we have seen, in Australian Bushfires and more recently in the Greek fires, can lead to the death of innocents. Have we gone to far the other way?

I for one think we have.

The root cause according to an ex Chief Magistrate in Victoria who appeared on 3AW stated that we do not have enough jail cells plus the cost of housing prisoners. The question then is, what price are we prepared to pay for a reasonable level of safety?

To me there is a double standard. On the one hand, government is pushing like mad with potential huge fines for employers to provide safe work places, which I am all for but government also need to ensure their citizens can feel and are safe from thugs and arsonists, to any thinking person these types are a danger to society.

I did some research and found that the prison population in Victoria is currently 7.400 up 7% on last year. The prisons are said to be at 90% capacity. This means they could have found 1 bed out of 822 that on these stats are empty. (Before anyone asks, if 7,400 = 90% of the available beds 100% of the beds = 8,222 or there abouts.) So what constitutes a serious crime? What the hell did the 7,400 there are in jail, do?

The Andrews’ Government have allocated $689.5 million to build a new 700 bed prison and additional funds to put in over 400 beds into existing prisons. Of course this all takes time and if it runs on time, which my money says it won’t, it will be ready in 2022. By the time it is built, it will already be full. As we face now with freeways and other infrastructure. Where is the forward thinking?

I marvel at the great train system that Melbourne has and the Sydney habour bridge all of which was built with future growth in mind. Here again our current government lets us down.

I do worry about the society that we are leaving to our grandchildren. They deserve better.

I will not keep on about this as there are so many issues to address and questions coming in but like many people I will be carefully thinking my vote at the next state election. After the complete balls up of the Fire Service Levy in NSW, I need to move there for a short period to express my disgust. I would willingly be handing out how to vote cards!

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