Flyer explaining the Fire Service Levy in Victoria

The burden of insurance taxes on Victorian home and business owners has reached absurd levels.

As promised, I have prepared a two page flyer (ideally to be printed back to back on one page) that can be sent out to Victorian based Insured’s explaining the intollerable situation with the level of taxes on insurance, particularly with the impending double taxation on fire service levy which is already ramped up through the tax on tax on tax situation.

I hope it is of benefit to brokers/insurance advisers and insurers in explaining the position with the emphasis on the need for home and business owners to still insure for full value, which of course is more important than ever due to the impending increase in the cost of construction brought about by the introduction of Clean Energy Act 9011 [Carbon Tax] as from 1 July 2012.

On the subject of the Carbon Tax, I confirm that I plan to have our estimate completed within 7 days. Please keep a lookout for it.

If you have any feedback on the flyer please let me know and remember to visit

The flyer can be obtained by going to:

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