Fire Service Levy in NSW finally to be scrapped

fsl tax It was a great Christmas present to hear that the NSW government have, after many years of talking about it, finally agreed to remove fire service and SES levy’s on insurance.

This will greatly improve the affordability of insurance for both home and business owners in property, construction and the all-important business interruption.

The only disappointing thing is that we have to wait another 18 months before it is implemented with the tax to be replaced by a fairer more broad based tax linked to property rates which will take effect from the 1st July 2017.

Why I say this is fairer is that the whole community benefits from a well-trained and funded fire and state emergency service and we should all contribute to cost of this, not just those that are prudent and risk adverse enough to insure.

The NSW government are to be congratulated for finally bringing their state in line with all the other mainland states and territories and now the pressure is on Tasmania to remove it from their business owners.

A number of people have been involved for many years to have this tax removed, including NIBA, The Insurance Council of Australia, LMI Group through its NoTaxOnInsurance initiative and others. All are to be congratulated for their combined efforts.

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  1. Graham Turnock says:

    A welcome reform achieved with strong and consistent advocacy from many industry participants. Well done.

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