Falling Tools a risk that can be greatly reduced

Falling Tools a risk that can be greatly reduced

Yesterday on the news, one of the reports was the tragic death of a 38 year old construction worker who fell from a 7 storey building.

With harnesses, safety railings, safety officers and more you have to ask how can this still be happening.

What is not reported on as much is tools, bolts and building materials being dropped by workers while working at elevation. Any tool that is dropped can cause serious injury and death.

I am really into home automation primarily to reduce risk in my home. So far I am very pleased with the results. I am planning a short series of YouTube videos to share what I have learned in the process and what I would have done different were I to start over. But that is a different story for a different day.

The segway is that on Tuesday after work, in the near dark, I was up a ladder despite it raining softly and with a bit of wind. All stupid but I was keen to test a new bit of technology that would boost the internet signal along one side of my home.

While trying to bolt the external internet access port, (a type of wireless internet areal) to the post of my television aerial, I dropped first a 75mm (3″) bolt and then the spanner I had taken up to tighten the bolt. It was a case of needing more than 2 hands.

As I was climbing down and up the ladder 2 things crossed my mind. 1. the old proverb about walking under ladders is not superstition at all but good risk management and secondly, why don’t I have the spanner tethered to me and the bolts in a safe carry bag. Having been involved in so many construction and or injury claims I should know better. That starts with being up a ladder in the first place :).

What prompted my thought on this was that Steve Manning and I had met some people from a company called Gripps who were referred to us by a broker and they showcased their product range designed to address this very issue.

The team from Gripps have really given this issue a great deal of thought and developed ways to tether all manner of tools to the trades/handy person. They also have a bag that attaches to your belt that holds things like nuts and bolts etc but where they cannot fall out accidentally.

Both Steve and I really liked the product and strongly endorse their efforts. Steve worked with them and produced a special report on the topic. You can check out the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3DFPYvfY0w&t=862s or click the image below.

Remembering the construction industry is in the spot light for all the wrong reasons at the moment. Like many industries, things do need to change with more professionalism and improvement in risk management. I do urge you to share this with your tradie clients as a reason to make contact with them mid term or as part of your renewal process.

For the record, as always, we do not seek or receive payment for our reviews, we simply want to reduce risk and prevent personal injury, property damage, fines and penalties, and business interruption.

I will be heading off to Total Tools this weekend to buy a few of the products for even I do not want to hit anyone with something falling, it will protect my tools from getting damaged and the surface that the tools or building materials could hit.

I think it will be $200 or dollars well spent. If nothing else I like to practice what I preach.

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