Even the Government doesn’t fully understand insurance

Even the Government doesn’t fully understand insurance

On the business.gov.au website under a section looking at Market Stall‘s, they describe public liability insurance as the following:

“Public liability insurance protects you against claims for property damage and bodily injury such as a product you’ve sold negligently causing a fire.” [Source: business.gov.au]

As anyone in the insurance industry knows, this is not public liability but product liability.

Thank you Kay Jackson from Simplex for sharing this with me and writing to them to inform them that this is in fact not correct. Hopefully they update it quickly!

It is just another example of how complicated insurance can sometimes be for those who are not working with it every day and we must all work together to help the insuring public understand and be adequately covered.



I was so pleased to receive some feedback from this blog as follows:

Hi Professor Manning, My name is Chloe [name withheld], I’m contacting you from business.gov.au. We were alerted to your latest blog post (Even the government doesn’t fully understand insurance), by one of our Facebook community members. In the post, you have referenced a page on our website, Market Stalls: https://www.business.gov.au/info/plan-and-start/start-your-business/choose-a-location/market-stall. We have taken your feedback on board, and corrected the ambiguity in the information. We’ve updated the page to clarify and direct people to the public liability insurance information on the site. It would be great if you could please update the blog article to reflect this change in content. Kind regards, Chloe from business.gov.au.


It is so great to see that they aren’t sitting on their hands and are trying to do the right thing, business.gov.au are to be commended for this.

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