Encouraging news out of the APEC Summit

Adam Matteson of Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s who is on the Victoria University’s Master of Insurance Law and Practice degree Program Advisory Board with me, wrote saying that he felt that the push at the APEC meeting regarding the recognition of tertiary education being recognised across borders is very welcome news.

What I understand is that various Ministers and education officials have already agreed on key elements of a program for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”) economies that includes sharing best practices, increasing transparency and quality assurance, accreditation, cross-border exchange and data collection.

I agree that this will certainly assist with the work that we are doing in developing the high level technical insurance degree which is not only for the Australian insurance industry but the Asia Pacific region as well which in many cases is finding a much greater need for general insurance as their economies develop.

To learn more about the degree which starts with a graduate certificate, please visit http://www.vu.edu.au/courses/graduate-certificate-in-insurance-law-and-practice-btip or write to me.

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