Electric Scooters – Are they too dangerous?

Electric Scooters – Are they too dangerous?

You may have read that a 50 year old man has died in hospital after coming off a lime hire scooter at Brisbane’s Southbank on Wednesday.

The man was wearing a helmet, the quality I am not sure of. In any event, he suffered a traumatic head injury and went into cardiac arrest as a result of the injuries.

I know that there is a call in New Zealand for the scooters to be banned due to the high number of incidents there, where as it has been reported that there has been 80 lime scooter riders injured within 2 months in Brisbane. (Source: Brisbane Times)

I appreciate that we cannot wrap ourselves in cotton wool but at the same time the number of injuries on this form of transport is quite high.

Just with my own observations I have seen people riding the scooters while clearly intoxicated late at night, multiple riders on one scooter and other dangerous behaviour.

It is one thing to put your own life and safety at risk, but there is also the risk to pedestrians and others with the use of these vehicles and I would suggest many more are being injured on scooters than on push bikes and as a result I join the call for them to be banned.

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