Drones attacked by birds

PILSEN CZECH REPUBLIC - FEBRUARY 18, 2016: Drone quadrocopter DjGary Everdell an old friend from my days at General Accident and now with Aon wrote knowing my interest in drone technology to warn me that some drones are being attacked by birds. Here is a link to the ABC article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-17/wedge-tailed-eagles-bring-down-drones-in-goldfields/8033056

Simon Hooper from QBE Aviation, who is one of the pioneers of insurance for drones (more correctly unmanned flying vehicles [UAVs]), and the insurer we have entrusted with our insurance, explained that bird attacks are a common problem in spring. I think every cyclist or school child who still walks to school probably knows  this but you may not have thought about it if you are flying a drone.

It is a good reminder though to be careful this time of the year, particularly flying around parks and rural areas that your drone may get some unwelcome attention.

With our LMI Drone we have elected to self insure the hull as the cost is not great but we would not fly it without the protection of aviation liability coverage.

Two of our team completed their CASA training last week and I am just waiting for their certificates to come in the mail before I make a splash and officially congratulate them. Watch this space but also watch for eagles, magpies and other aggressive bird species.

Thanks Gary and Simon for your sharing your thoughts.

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