Cyber Breaches the new norm

Cyber Breaches the new norm

Further to my recent article (Click here) where Fairfax Media revealed two cases in which more than $1.25 million was stolen from vendors while their properties were being settled on Property Exchange Australia’s PEXA e-transfer system, I am pleased to see that they were able to recover a large proportion of any monies unlawfully taken, however not all.

This news also breaks with the announcement that Ticketmaster will be emailing Australian & New Zealand customers who made a purchase between September 2017 and February 2018 warning them to monitor their bank accounts and change their Ticketmaster account passwords following a breach.

Similarly, a HR company, PageUp, used by many major outlets including Aldi, Coles and Australia Post, has reported to candidates and employers using their system that their information may be compromised. (Source: ABC News)

These sorts of cyber incidences are occurring daily and it is an ever important reminder to be careful with your personal information and where you share it.


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