Congratulations to AILA on its mentoring night

Steven and Allan Manning at the AILA Young Professional Network 2012 Luminaries Dinner - Wednesday 22 August

Last night I attended with my son Steven a mentoring evening hosted by the New South Wales Chapter of the Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA). I understand this was the third year of the event but the first year I had been invited.

It was a great success with a wonderful venue (Guillaume at the Bennelong, Sydney Opera House) very well organised and everyone got into the spirit of the evening.

It was run as a progressive dinner and both Steve and I had the opportunity to meet many different people in the industry. For my part, it left me with a very positive impression that the future of the insurance industry is in very good hands, based on the quality of the “rising stars” that attended.

Well done to Siobhan Newton from Zurich and the organising committee and to the luminaries who gave of their time so willingly. Also very well done to the sponsors of the night. The ones that I recall being mentioned were Cerno, Crawford and Co, and WR Berkley. My apologies to the sponsors I have neglected to mention; I should have picked up a brochure so that I could acknowledge you all.

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