Condition Reports and Valuations on Stamps and Coins

Having an arsenal of experts that you can trust is one of the most important assets to have as an underwriter, broker or claims expert. Recently, I was asked to provide a reference to a stamp and coin dealer that I have relied on for around 40 years.

Les Sheward of Eljay Stamps and Coins has been of great help to me in pre and post-loss situations from assisting in recovering stolen stock, providing a report on how stamps have been damaged, and verifying values. He has also helped with bank notes, coin collections and phone cards.

More than once Les has explained that the alleged water damage was in fact just natural deterioration “rust” or “foxing” due to incorrect storage. As an aside, ironically Mr Sheward first started in Insurance with Commercial Union in Brisbane before starting his own stamp dealership. He is now semi-retired but luckily for me that knowledge is not lost and he still consults. What I like about him is that he is one of the few experts that I have used for so long that has never let me down or tried to rip me off.

When it came to developing a underwriting and risk profile for stamp dealers and the other areas he is an expert in for LMI RiskCoach, it was Mr Sheward I turned to and he delivered wonderfully.

The old adage of “it is not what you know, but who you know” comes to mind with many of the experts I have come to rely on. It is certainly the case for me when it comes to stamps, bank notes etc.

You may not need such an expert every day, but, if you do, I recommend Eljay Stamps.

This all came to mind this week as Mr Sheward rang upset that a Personal Lines insurer questoned his ability to provide an independent valuation. I certainly had  no hesitation in providing the following reference to assist him, which I sincerely hope it does. Reference for Eljay Stamps.

Les Sheward can be contacted on Tel.: +61 (0)7 5562 2273 or

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