Complaint to Victorian Sitting Member

Anger in the business community may come back to bite Victorian Government

This is a copy of an email sent to one Victorian sitting member on the issue of Victorian Fire Services that was shared with me.

Dear Member,

I rang your office 2 weeks ago to express dismay at the approach being taken by Government to the change from insurance levies to council levies in Victoria. Your adviser seemed to think this was a non event.

If ever a Government was hell bent on disturbing it’s constituents particularly in the Country your party has served up a doozy in its crash through in its non-approach to transitional arrangements. It must be remembered that notwithstanding the method of the collection it is the public and business that ultimately pays the price.

It may be legally right to say that Insurers have a full responsibility up to 30 June 2013, however that approach ignores the historical practical difficulties for insurers in charging out this impost to policy holders. This can only be done on renewal of policies in practice and I can tell you how angry business policyholders with most having policies due at 30 June are at the prospect of paying insurers an amount on 30 June 2013 and a council levy incepting from the same date.

One is aware that consideration of insurer’s position on matters seems to have drifted a lot in recent years but bringing this on as proposed will punish Insureds.

There has always been anger in business circles in Country Victoria about the present CFA impost  where levies and charges exceed the insurance premium. Many manufacturer’s in Frankston have for years wished they had set up closer to Melbourne. I am wondering in Treasurer’s calculations whether they ever considered standardizing the rates for fire brigade charges for factories across the State on a uniform basis?

The NSW Government seems to be taking a sensible approach as per the attached advice which is similar to those States where this changeover happened without the situation proposed in Victoria.

I thought it desirable to bring this to your attention as my Local Member.”

It really surpises me just how much the Victorian government have got this wrong and the angry mood in the business and insurance communities at their mishandling of something that should have won them great kudos.

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