Car thefts at high level

Car thefts at high level

Suncorp have reported a spike in car thefts during the summer months.

On top of all the bush fire losses this is not good news for the public with the stress that this causes. It is not just stress for having lost the car itself but whatever was in the car and the cost of insurance moving forward.

The research conducted by Suncorp showed that 60% of car thefts happened while the car is parked at home and that 20% of all car-related crime occurred throughout the months of December and January.

The thought behind this is that car owners, and people in general, are more relaxed and complacent over the Christmas and New Year period.

Obviously the Christmas message and spirit has not reached the criminal element in our society.

“The significant increase in car related claims during this time of year means car owners need to remain vigilant and keep their cars safe and secure from opportunistic thieves,”

said Ashleigh Paterson, Suncorp spokesperson.

Suncorp also advised that a number of people leave their cars unlocked or their windows down because they’re parked on their own property, assuming it will be safe. This makes the cars an easy target for the opportunistic thieves who check for unsecured cars.  

I would point out that many motor policies have exclusions when the keys are left in the car. This is a real no no, whether at home, while paying for your petrol, any time.

Back with Suncorp, Ms Paterson went on to say:

“Similarly, it can be tempting to leave windows on cars and homes open in warmer weather, which can become an easy target for burglars looking for vulnerable homes they can easily enter to take car keys from night stands, handbags, and key hooks,”

I share some of the tips that Suncorp posted in the hope that you are not the victim of a car theft or break in.

“It’s about making vehicles less vulnerable and less appealing to opportunistic thieves by removing any temptation,” Paterson said. “When shopping, hide valuables like coins and cash, music devices, phones, handbags, luggage or shopping from full view. Place what you can’t take with you under seats and in car boots to keep them from view.

“When leaving your car unattended, park in high foot traffic areas to deter opportunistic thieves. When parking anywhere unsecured overnight, park it in a well-lit area. Similarly, if you’re leaving your car at home while travelling, it needs to be secured. Park the car on your property, lock the doors, wind up the windows, set the alarm, use a steering wheel lock and take the keys with you to help ensure it will still be there when you return. Furthermore, if you’re going away, it’s a good idea to ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your property and clear your mailbox while you’re gone.”

Well done Suncorp for sharing this information and I want to thank Dale Hansen from Austbrokers Coast to Coast who brought in the article to my attention.

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