Business Interruption Ranked Number 1 Global Business Risk 2017

Allianz have released their “Allianz Risk Barometer Top Business Risks 2017” with some to be expected results as well as a few shifts.

Business Interruption again has taken the number 1 spot for the 5th year running and my readers know this is an area of insurance that I have written about many times.

Through my own research I know that 50% of businesses who suffer a loss fail within the first year and business interruption is the cover that can prevent this statistic from going higher. This is why I have written 2 books on the topic.

Business Interruption Insurance & Claims – A Practical Guide to Business Interruption Insurance for Business Managers, Insurance Brokers & Agents 

as well as my free e-Book co-written with my son, Steven Manning: Mannings Guide to Interruption Insurance  which you can download at the link.

Well done Allianz for a very useful report.


2 responses to “Business Interruption Ranked Number 1 Global Business Risk 2017”

  1. Chinnasamy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from India!

    I have gone through all the pages of the booklet, posted this morning. It took about couple hours.

    The topic covered are valuable, especially on Indemnity Period, with interesting case studies and example workings covered are very informative.

    Thanks a lot sir for sharing such an important booklet.

    Chinnasamy Kumar

  2. Allan says:

    Sorry about the time it took to download the book. It normally downloads very quickly. I assume it was just a slow internet connection between us.
    Otherwise glad you found the article and link of value.

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