Bush fires and Under insurance – not a good mix.

Risk Maximum
With all the claims I’ve personally been involved in with bush fires, I’ve not seen one that’s been adequately insured.

In many cases the people have been less than half insured and the major issue is that the insurances are not been reviewed for a number of years.
Of course this has left the business and/or home owners in a terrible situation financially which converts to emotional or mental stress issues.

It’s all well and good to treat insurance as a cost, or just another bill to pay year on year, but it has to be remembered that it’s protecting, often, the home and business owners life’s work.

I therefore again urge everyone to review their insurances each and every renewal, to ensure that the sum insured are adequate and that the cover afforded protects your home or your business in accordance with your own risk appetite.

Please learn from the terrible consequences faced by the bush fire victims I’ve been helping.

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