Books glorious books – LMI Library continues to grow

Books glorious books – LMI Library continues to grow

The LMI Library continues to grow through 3 methods.

  1. Purchases we make when we see a newly published book on an insurance or risk management topic;
  2. Books that I or the team at LMI publish; and
  3. The very generous donations by those in the insurance industry who are looking for a good home for their own collection/library.

Over the past week we received two wonderful donations. The first from Ian and David Abel. They had already given us a number of books but passed over the last book a Victorian Accident Tariff.

The second was 2½ archive boxes of books on risk and insurance subjects. My personal favourite being a signed copy of an early edition of Honour and Hickmott on Business Interruption insurance.

Mr Hickmott, a highly regarded UK based expert, kindly helped me with some difficult issues that arose, due to time deductibles that raised their ugly head, during the Longford Gas Crisis in 1998. I never liked time deductibles from the first claim I had to adjust and this incident brought out dozens of problems that only convinced me that my first impression was correct. They are still widely used despite the views of the majority of experts in business interruption claims but that is a topic for another day.

With these new titles we have over 2,000 publications in the library which is open to anyone to use.

From my point of view they have proved an invaluable resource as I continue with my life long study of general insurance.

If you or anyone you know have any books on insurance and risk management that you no longer want, please do not send them to landfill. We will always give them a good home.

Any duplicates are sent to other LMI offices so that they are available to insurance personnel in other states.


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