Blog question – The variability of private motor insurance premiums

With the plethora of advertisements on television advertising motor insurance each claiming to be able to save the insured money, the question that I am often asked is ‘Why do insurance premiums vary so widely?’

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Factor in issues such as the age of the vehicle, its ease of being stolen, its colour (which affects visibility), attractiveness to thieves can all go towards effecting the premium.

Savings in premium can be made by taking a higher policy excess. With private motor insurance the vast majority of policies are very similar in their coverage with minor exceptions which would be regarded as ‘bells and whistles’ items in the main but what is important is the claims service. For most people having a car off the road is a major inconvenience particularly if you rely on the vehicle for work travels or getting children to and from school, sporting commitments etc and so the claims service should be something that should be taken into consideration.
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