Blog Question Comment: Police not assisting in advising vehicle owner’s details

Blog Question Comment: Police not assisting in advising vehicle owner’s details

In response to my post about making sure it is safe to exchange details with the third party in a motor vehicle accident, I received the following comment.

Hi Allan,

Further to your latest article regarding the car jacking and obtaining TP [third party] details through the Police.

We have found that within South Australia this is a lot harder than what it must be for the other states. We have even had Police refuse to release Third Party details after completing the correct forms, paying the fee and sending it off.

Insurers have also advised us that they are unable to obtain this information on the clients behalf. Interested to hear your experience.

Kind Regards

Daniel [surname and email provided]

Hi Daniel

We have had some problems here as well. One of our team at LMI had his car seriously damaged by a delivery van driver who was dropping off paper to Kwik Kopy, a neighbour of ours. The driver was delivering product from Canon. The driver did a U turn in our off street carpark and side swiped the entire length of his car with a bull bar. The damage bill is over $8,000.

All of this was captured on our CCTV. You clearly see the accident, his rego, and the fact that he drives back to see the damage, then puts it into reverse and drives off. The Police refused to help despite taking all the evidence down to the local Police station, the reason, it happened on private property. As an aside, our neighbour nor Canon would help either. I refuse to allow any printing to be done at this Kwik Kopy as I only want to deal with people that support and protect our local community.

Within a few weeks, the Police were at our premises seeking footage from our CCTV’s for a serious crime and while we naturally provided every assistance I did express my disappointment. The officer virtually said the person was just being lazy and not doing their job to avoid some paper work and he immediately agreed to help.

In your case, you have not only filled out the information and paid the fee and you still get the run around.

It does seem that all the protection is for the dishonest people in society at the expense of the honest folk. I am convinced the number of hit and runs, damaged whilst parked where no one leaves their details etc is on the increase. Yes – we have more people on the roads, but people are not taking responsibility for their actions and as I ranted this morning our courts and governments appear to be letting us down and protecting the rights of the guilty at the expense of the innocent victim.

In the past, the Insurance Council of Australia had an office in each state and they would have been addressing this for the good of the industry and the insuring public. If there is no right of recovery then the cost of insurance will go up. Who wins from this but the people who drive off.

There are so many issues like this that need to be looked at, I do not know where to start or who to recommend you speak to.

At the moment, it appears the order of priority for the Police are crimes against the person, domestic violence, and then things like what we are talking about being well down in the pecking order.

Surely, if the matter has been reported to the police, a centralised service a low grade public servant, funded by the fees that you refer to, would be the answer. Like so much from some governments you get less for more.

Perhaps a lobby to the Police Minister or your local member would be a good place to start.

At some stage, a political party will start serving the silent majority, not keep bowing down to supposed do gooders or loud minority groups who seem hell bent on destroying the cultural values that we once cherished and was the basis for so many wanting to come to Australia.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hi Allan

    Reading you post today re Police and TP details with great interest.

    We are seeing so many cases in which people refuse to provide details or provide incorrect details (in most cases deliberately).

    When we then try and seek Police assistance it as if we are being quarrelsome or annoying them.

    The local Police Station has a sign on the glass entrance doors pretty much saying if you have been involved in a car accident and no one is injured do not bother trying to report it.

    Hard to believe but true. And we see so many clients refusing to report property crimes to them based on what they rightly perceive as a “we do not care” attitude.

    I laugh when I see them wheeling out crime stats as they are clearly massively under reported.

    The case of the man struck in Frankston a couple of days ago by a “pathetic human”as aptly described by AFL footballer Paddy Dangerfield. staggers belief.

    If you see the footage it will make you feel ill. Former chief magistrate says jails are full??? So he is granted bail???

    Our inept premier is more concerned at protecting fellow labour MP’s facing Fraud investigations. The majority want to hold on for a couple of terms to get lifetime super and travel perks.

    This country/state seems to be on a excess elevator to lawless anarchy IMHO.

    My grandfather fought in WW2 for this country and he must turn in his grave at the current state of affairs.

    I had a recent case in which a Third Party falsified documents and passed off that it was written by a legal firm to support a claim that we viewed as fraud.

    Clearly fabricated letterhead had a gmail account and the alleged Barristers had offices in an industrial wasteland above a vacant shop in the West of Melbourne!!

    Only constant calls to Police and a threat to make a formal complaint to ethical standards forced them to reluctantly
    take action and it still went to a magistrate! I even had a letter from legal practice board in support you.

    We only won the case due to persistence and unwillingness to give up. But how many people just give up and gave in when faced with a political and Police culture that actively discourages people to seek justice.

    Police rarely return calls and in future I will assist on emailing them to at least build an audit trail that will prove they do not care.

    But as usual keep chipping away with your blogs . I think they keep these issues on the radar and help more than you suspect.

    Maybe they should free up some of the billions sitting in the ARPC and build some more jails???



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