Blog milestone and the importance of a good broker

Blog milestone and the importance of a good broker

This post marks the 1,200th article on this site with many more topics yet to tackle in our ever changing world of general insurance.

One of the topics I have written on, in both my books and this blog, is the importance of a good insurance broker to a business.

This was brought home to me this morning when I received an email from our very proactive broker addressing a potential issue that I had not considered.

With my daughter returning to Australia, we have the issue of arranging marine insurance and home contents insurance.

Our broker sorted it all seamlessly with every ‘t’ crossed and every ‘i’ dotted, including the possibility of there being a delay on the wharf due to Christmas.

If someone like me who has spent over 45 years in the industry sees the value in having a good insurance broker, then it is my strong view every business owner does.

The fact is,  I am also head of an ever growing business and as with many owner managers I worry more about my client’s issues than my own.

We all put so much time and money into our businesses it is vital we have someone ensuring that we are fully protected in line with our risk appetite.

I value the service I receive from the team at our brokerage and treat them as important to our business as our external accountants and legal advisers.

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