Blistering Paint Exclusions

Blistering Paint Exclusions

I have had a few questions about damage to paintwork under home and contents policies.

Using the resources of LMI PolicyComparison there is a range of exclusions in policies.

Common ones include:

  1. Scorching or melting where there is no flame
  2. Smoke or soot or heat or ash (in various combinations) where the building has not caught fire
  3. Heat ash soot and smoke when the Building or Contents have not caught on fire unless caused by a burning building within 10m of the premises

Slightly less common ones were:

  1. Soot smoke heat and ash when the Home has not caught fire except for loss or damage caused by a fire within 100m of the Home (RACT).
  2. (a) loss damage or liability caused by:
    (i) soot or smoke to the Building
    (ii) glowing heat smouldering scorching or melting where there were no flames
    (b) loss of or damage to Contents caused by smoke or heat unless the Building in which they are located is also damaged by the same insured event that caused the smoke or heat damage (Youi)
  1. The ignition of any mineral spirit or dangerously flammable substance brought on to or kept at the Insured’s site in quantities which are in breach of any statutory regulations. (Australian Seniors Insurance Agency & Real)

Unusual Condition:

There was also a condition under APIA/GIO/Resilium/Suncorp that the Insured does not wash or clean or remove debris from any area damaged by fire without Insurer’s consent or unless Insured needs to do this to prevent further loss.

This is just a quick overview of the exclusions and or conditions that may apply. As always, please read the particular policy covering the property effected and if you in doubt I am always here to assist.

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