Beware Another Cyber Scam

Danger Scam AlertOver the past few days, I have received  phoney fax messages sent to my email. The emails, which ask you to click on a link, which causes the damage as soon as you do. Please do not get caught with this or a similar scam. Never click on any link in an email without making sure it is legitimate.

Fax Message [Caller-ID: 1-407-987-4450] [I have disconnected the link]

You have received a 3 page fax at Tue, 26 Nov 2014 12:39:14 +0000.

* The reference number for this fax is chd_did11-16986144087-10416275143-624.

View this fax using your PDF reader.

Thank you for using the MyFax service!

This was an easy one to defect. I do not have a fax program attached to my computer and I did not recognise the US telephone/fax number from which it suggests it was sent. I am not sure at this stage how it got through our junk mail blocker.

cyber with pages #2To learn more about other scams, do not forget to get a copy of Mannings Guide to Cyber Security and Insurance available here. Of course the irony of putting a link into this type of warning is not lost on me. It just shows how much we rely on the net and how easy it is to be caught if you are not diligent.

The risk of cyber attack is real. If you have not arranged insurance on your business please speak with your insurance broker.

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