Be aware, Unicode URL phishing scams are on rise!

LMI Group’s head of cyber security has issued the following warning to all of our team on the proliferation of phishing scams out there.

This is such an important topic I thought I would share it with you.

I found this to be one of the hardest scams to spot and one anyone could easily be caught out.


This is a quick update to inform you about Unicode phishing scams,  below are screenshots of two different sites (one is legitimate and other is a fake).

Now, see if you can spot the difference.

Site A-







Site B-





All looks OK at a glance, right? Even has a green ‘site secure’ SSL notification. However, notice what looks like a little comma under the ‘r’? This is an entirely different character, which means that we are not at, we are at a phishing site. A pretty clever one too, as it turns out.

Always make sure to check the URL properly before you enter the credentials and always type the URL on the browser instead of using Google search for it.


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