Bali ATM scam!

Bali ATM scam!

Yet another scam has developed in Bali where when you use an ATM machine at a mini-mart, the machine immediately swallows your card. When you go in and report it to the mini-mart operator, they advise you to enter your pin number and the card will be returned.

You can imagine what happens, as soon as you enter your pin, all the money in the account, or your daily limit at least, is charged and you do not get your card back, or any money.

There are two lessons here.

  1. Only use ATMs in Banks wherever possible
  2. If you are in this position, and you cannot get your card back after hitting cancel, please do not enter your pin number.

If this happens, you need to immediately contact your bank to cancel the card to protect yourself. If you have entered your pin number, the bank WILL NOT refund the money and you will be out of pocket.

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  1. LYNDA says:

    Thanks Alan, heading over in a few months and I have passed your message to everyone travelling with us.

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