Back at the desk

Back at the desk

I have been a bit quiet on the posting front over the past month as I have been travelling in North America for both business and having a much needed break.

During the trip Steve Manning and I had several meetings with potential clients for our on line products, met with old colleagues who are interested in representing LMI in North America and attending a couple of insurance related conferences. All were very positive.

Three highlights of a very full on trip started with the graduation of my daughter Susan with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Chicago on 22nd October.

That evening and my second highlight was with the now Dr Susan, where we hosted a book launch for our latest book: “Lessons Learned Chicago”.  This looks at 6 major events that confronted Chicago and we look at the insurance, risk management and the human side of the milestone catastrophes. Of the 17 books I have now been involved in, this one I really enjoyed researching. You can order these at

The third was Susan’s wedding two weeks later on 4th November in Phoenix to Michael.

I am pleased to say that both Susan and Michael, an expert in risk management, have now arrived in Australia and will both be joining the LMI Group team from next Monday 19th November.

Now that I am back I will be back to posting my thoughts, answering questions etc so if you have any that you have been holding off on sending in please shoot them through.

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