The latest ratings updates are now on

The latest ratings updates are now on

Anyone who has ever had a claim realises how important the claims service of their insurer is at the moment of truth.

This extends to any company or individual that is acting on behalf of the insurer during the claim process such as loss adjusters, investigators, panel builders, lawyers, engineers etc. At the end of the day, the Insured who often does not know who is who looks at how their insurer has treated them.

To move the emphasis from the price of insurance to what really matters, allows consumers and brokers to consider the way they can expect an insurer to treat them at claims time.

This is a completely free service for the public, the brokers, the insurers and underwriting agencies. There is no way anyone can buy an inflated rating nor do any other factors come into play. Eg An insurer may have the catchiest TV ad, the cheapest price or the broadest coverage. If the claim service does not manage and deliver the promise fairly, promptly, and proactively then the product has failed. This can cause undue financial loss to an insured and great emotional stress.

Besides recognising the best for what they do right and to warn potential buyers of the risk they take with others, the ratings are designed to drive positive improvement.

There has been a lot of changes in the ratings this time around with nearly 700 changes. This is made of a higher or lower rating, new entries, change of entity name, or a product or products no longer being offered by a particular brand.

Please take the time to use this valuable service when making your choice of insurer or recommending one insurer over another.

Those brands with a 4.5 or 5 star rating will receive a logo with their rating which you/they are welcome to use as they see fit to promote their commitment to claims excellence. On this, I encourage any brand who sees they have earned a badge to contact us and we can speed up the process of getting them out to you.

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