Another Phishing attempt on me

Last year I reported on this blog just how close we came to being caught with a phishing (or whaling) attack on us when someone sent and email to our head of finance purportedly from me asking that a sum of money be transferred to a nominated account.

Following that we took several internal controls including removing the name of all of our finance team off social media, our website etc and we set up two inboxes for all our finance team. One from internal staff emails and the other from people outside team LMI.

This has worked a treat and we have picked up several further attempts while other staff outside of finance have also had emails claiming to be from me.

We got another one today this time from what looks like Montenegro.

To assist the Australian government fight this increasing prevalent crime I reported the incident to the Australian Cyber Security Centre who within a few minutes rang and requested that I also report it to ACORN which stands for the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network

It was much the same process and why you have to report it twice I am not sure particularly as they are both Federal Government departments and you would think that one form could go to both but it was not a really big deal and I do urge everyone to start reporting the incidents as quickly as possible in the hope we can slow or stop the attacks which are catching so many innocent people out.

While the new mandatory reporting has not come in yet and this event which did not cause any loss of personal data would not fall within this new reporting regime, it is still important that all such attempts are reported even if you feel it will not help your particular circumstance.

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