And the winner is: Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence

And the winner is: Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence

I would like to add my personal congratulations to all the winners of this years Mansfield Awards.

Before I do, I would like to explain a few things about the Awards process.

There is no nomination process as such. There is no fee to enter, no requirement to attend the event let alone purchase tickets or tables.

There is no critera outside looking at the claims service of a brand based on, where it is available from the regulator and by survey whereby anyone who has had a claim recently can have their say as do insurance brokers, repairers and others who witness day in day out how insurers treat their customers at claims time.

Any brand in any of the four categories, those being personal lines, SME Property and Casualty, Corporate Property and Casualty and Specialty Lines that has achieved 5 stars is then short listed as a nominee.

The judges try and limit the number of finalists to 4 but have the flexibility in the case of a draw to include an extra one or two. If there are not 4 in the 5 star category then the top 4.5 star rated brands are included in the finalists.

Limiting it to four finalists has proved difficult as the difference between many of the 5 star firms in particular is so very close but the judges take the time to look at this very carefully without fear or favour.

What we saw this year was many companies show significant improvement during the course of the year since last years Mansfield Awards but they still have a few legacy ratings which just kept them out of the finalists. I am confident that if they keep on their same track they will be there next year.

Having determined the finalists, often it is even harder then to determine the winner in each category. In the case of two brands with the same score then 2 winners are selected after a recount shows they indeed tied.

The Gold Mansfield Award is then looked at by looking at the performance of the organisation across all the brands they support through all their product lines.

The full results in the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence, with the finalists, as reported this morning by InsuranceNEWS are as follows:

Personal lines: The winner was Allianz. The other finalists were Blue Zebra, Catholic Church Insurance, RAC Insurance and RACQ Insurance.

SME property and casualty: The winner was Allianz. The other finalists were 360 Underwriting, Ansvar Insurance and Insure That.

Corporate property and casualty: The joint winners were BHSI and FM Global. The other finalists were Chubb and Allianz.

Specialty: The winner was TravelCard. The other finalists were Global Transport Insurance, Mecon Insurance, National Transport Insurance and Shannons Insurance.

The Gold Mansfield Award for overall excellence in claims: The winner was Allianz. The other finalists were BHSI, FM Global and TravelCard.

Everyone nominated and those that just missed out despite achieving a 5 star claims rating on are champions of the Insurance industry and should be considered highly in any insurance buying decision.

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