A timely reminder on Ocky straps

Ocky StrapsFrom when my son, Steven, was a young boy I warned him of the dangers of ocky straps and he has always taken reasonable care using them and more often than not, used the more safe ratchet strap tie down on a trailer or the like.

He had to take home a box that was bigger than the boot of his car and therefore needed to strap down the boot for the short drive home of less than a kilometer between the hardware store and his home. During the process of tieing it down using an ocky strap, the hook straightened and flicked straight back into his face, narrowly and fortunately missing his eye but causing severe bruising to his nose and cheek.

These elastic tie down straps are very dangerous and I just want to warn everyone that they should be used with extreme caution.




EDIT: We received the following image from a reader, Matthew, sharing once of his experiences with the ocky strap. Wowee! This cab driver was determined to leave no man or luggage behind.

Allan, you may want to have a chat to my cab driver in Hong Kong!IMG_2691

One response to “A timely reminder on Ocky straps”

  1. Gary McNeil says:

    Better still ladies & gents……………..DON”T use them. There are adequate alternatives out there.
    I agree with Allan…they are just too dangerous. My son lost a load off a trailer because of them. Luckily; no damage.
    Cheers – Gary.

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