A Reminder to Have Contents Insurance #insurance

Chicago fireMy daughter Susan received the following text last night from a study buddy from her university in the US.

“A fire started in the building next to mine and spread to my flat. I was awake and got out with my cat but the damage is terrible and I have no where to live.


Other students at the university came to her rescue for the night but she will have to move back with her parents who live interstate temporarily.

Regrettably, Vanessa has no insurance to assist with additional accommodation expenses, pet accommodation let alone the loss of her library of text books, clothes, furniture or other personal items. Like a lot of students she is getting help from her parents who will now be asked to finance her all over again.

All this could have been avoided, and with the added protection of public and personal liability insurance, for under $4.50 per week which is what it cost Susan to have her ‘stuff’ insured with the ‘top’ level cover!

If you are living in an apartment or you have friends or relatives that are, please give them a gentle nudge to arrange some contents insurance. It really provides piece of mind.

As always, if in doubt please speak to an insurance broker.

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