A reminder about the importance of good housekeeping


Cooking oil splashed up onto a kitchen window causing a fire hazard.

Cooking oil splashed up onto a kitchen window causing a serious fire hazard.

LMI have been involved in a number of fires involving restaurants and in fact we were appointed on a new one in Melbourne today. While not all have involved in the build up of grease and fat, it is a common cause of fires in this industry.

It is extremely important as a basic risk management strategy to ensure that there is regular and thorough cleaning of extraction systems, and the kitchen itself.

What prompted me to write this article was that I was walking past a restaurant very near our Sydney office in Chandos Street, St Leonards and could not believe the build up of fat on the window. If it is this bad here what is like nearer the stoves.

For one thing it turned me off ever eating at the premises but more importantly worried me for the owners of the restaurant and the other tenants in the building that such a build up is allowed to occur.

It is something that ought to be brought to the attention of our clients whether it be in our capacity as an insurance broker, risk surveyor or claims expert as they may not readily appreciate the danger that such a build up creates by way of increased fire load and as the seat of a fire from a heat source.

From an insurer’s point of view, whether it be for the restaurant itself or the strata/building owner, the cleanliness of commercial kitchens would certainly be one of the key underwriting considerations. Good housekeeping in any industry is important to reduce risk generally.


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