A couple of examples of excellent Service – Chubb Insurance and Hoselink

A couple of examples of excellent Service – Chubb Insurance and Hoselink

Claims even happen to those like me in the industry and I have written on times when I had terrible service to the point I changed our business insurer.

Over the weekend my home had some water entry. I was home at the time of the storm and having been woken by it went around the home and as soon as I saw the problem did what I could to mitigate the loss.

Ceilings in two rooms were damaged and I was concerned I may have a mould infestation and while I could dry out the other property damaged I could not get into the space. The service I have received from my home insurer Chubb and their appointed adjuster from Crawfords and the contractor Skyline has been exemplary and I thank all those involved.

I learned very early in my career. The things that matter when it comes to insurance is the quality of the coverage and the claims service. Chubb continue to demonstrate that they are top in both areas and deserved winner of the Mansfield Award for Claims Excellence in 2018 in the category of Personal Lines. See PolicyComparison.com and ClaimsComparison.com 

As I write this I am reminded that our Sydney office also got inundated only a week before and again Chubb have been first rate.

The other example I want to acknowledge is Hoselink. Having been disappointed by a couple of other retractable hose systems I purchased the Hoselink system you may have seen on TV. It has worked really well for years.

I came home recently and found that, I assume a visiting tradesman, had left part of it broken beside the unit. I can only assume that it had been dropped or crushed to have caused the break.

I wrote to the company and explained exactly what had happened and asked how I could buy a replacement piece. They sent down the new piece at no cost along with an apology for the inconvenience caused.

Each week this year I have posted the products that have had to be recalled and I am just so used to getting rubbish service, having to fight where there is a failure in a product or service that I was so surprised and delighted at the service of Hoselink.

Hence this thank you to them and endorsement of their great products.



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