A convincing scam to avoid – ATO

A convincing scam to avoid – ATO

Local accountants Mitchell Wilson shared this warning with me just now that I thought important enough to share with other readers.

I appreciate that I post so many warnings but this is in line with the huge volume of scams that are uncovered every day. Forewarned is forearmed.


We’d like to warn you of an email scan that’s being sent to Taxpayers this tax time, disguised as a MyGov Medicare email.

>  What it looks like

The scam email takes the victim to a fake (but amazingly convincing) MyGov website where it asks the victim to login adding your personal details and security information.

>  How to check if it’s a fake

Part of what gives away the scam is that the fake web url is .net and not .gov, as all government websites should be.

Don’t log into the MyGov portal through any email links, instead connect to the portal through the ATO website https://www.ato.gov.au/ and view your MyGov messages for any updates or changes required.

>  If you receive the email

If you receive the email simply delete and don’t click on any of the links. For full information on the scam please see the StaySmartOnline Website;


We’d encourage everyone to exercise vigilance and look for signs of phishing emails which are becoming more and more of an aspect of our daily lives.

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