55,885 kilometres of flying in one month – a new personal record

As I was flying home to Melbourne yesterday, I added up all the flights I had taken during the month. It was 15, which in itself is not unusual, it is in fact on the low side; it was the distance that hit me. The 15 flights totalled 55,885 kilometres (about 1.4 times around the equator) and meant that I had slept in 8 time zones during the month.

This is the price you pay as we try and take our knowledge-based services, BIcalculator, PolicyComparison, RiskCoach and ContinuityCoach, worldwide.

The very positive reaction we are receiving makes it all worthwhile but anyone who thinks that flying is in the least bit glamorous or fun has got it all wrong. I am convinced there are people in small rooms whose sole job it is to see how they can make flying more uncomfortable than it was the day before.

I now have a week and a bit in my office, which I am looking forward to and will use to catch up on some much needed paperwork before heading off to Queensland for an ANZIIF Masterclass on ISR,  followed by training sessions and public lectures in the Northern Territory.

I continue to get some great questions and now hope to find time over the next week or so to post at least some of them and my answers. Please keep them coming.

The main thing that has kept me going was the very warm reception that my winning the ANZIIF Lifetime Achievement Award has received. I have been staggerred by the emails, cards, phone calls, texts, invitations to meals, kind words spoken at functions and people coming up to me at airports, and even in the street, to say how pleased they are. Thanks to you all. It has really surprised me. Words cannot describe how moving this has all been. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write or say something.

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