2 observations while travelling in North America

2 observations while travelling in North America

This morning watching the morning news over breakfast I saw the article about the chap who was towing a boat with a mobility scooter after his driver’s licence was cancelled.

I knew about this a couple of weeks ago as it was the only news item about anything Australian that I heard about Australia during my trip to North America. It made you feel so proud.

To top it off, the Channel 9 reporter said the person should be commended (or words to that effect) and not charged, which of course infuriated me. I can take a joke but this was so irresponsible it was no laughing matter.

The other observation was that I was staggered at the number of people that I met in my travels who had been working in Australia, wanted to stay but had been caught up in the change of visa rules. These were not terrorists or dole bludgers but good hard working people who had wanted to start a new life in Australia, had been working, paying taxes and contributing to the economy. None had any criminal records and from what I could establish in my discussions, had no inclination to become one. Interestingly none had any bad feelings about Australia or Australians but were disappointed as was I that they could not make Australia home as had for the most of us, members of our own families.

Meanwhile, despite all our efforts we are still awaiting for a review of the decision to prevent skilled loss adjusters from coming to Australia with a path to permanent residency.  We have already had one of our team return to their country of origin for like so many others in many industries, they really struggled with the uncertainty of not knowing what the future held for them and moved to places like Canada where they could plan their future with certainty.

Not only is loss adjusting and the insurance industry suffering as a result but in my view Australia.


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