What Really Matters and Why I do What I Do.

thank youI received this gift card along with two beautiful bottles of wine as a thank you from a client that I helped out with a very messy insurance claim where liability had been denied.

The effect of the denial was the family lost their business and was on the verge of losing their family home.

Their lawyers did not know how to resolve the matter and the family came to me on a broker’s recommendation, not their own.

Working closely with the family, we were able to have the decision overturned. At the end of the day, we are in a people business and the decisions we make, right or wrong, can have a massive impact on people’s lives.

Far too often we think insurance is all about dollars and cents. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case when most people buy insurance and for many who work in claims or loss adjusting when they settle a claim.

I differ from many as I believe insurance is the business of protecting people’s life’s work, whether this be their business, or their personal assets and/or their  future. It is about people. In this case, it was affecting two generations.

The fact this family have a future again after the parents had worked for over 50 years and to see the stress melt from their faces was worth more than any amount of money. Borrowing a line from MasterCard, it was PRICELESS! Their card with their kind words has gone into my scrap book, something I started when I started in claims back in 1971.

In my old age, I am sure going through the scrap books and remembering those that I have helped, like this family, will give me much greater pleasure than reviewing my bank balance. I feel privileged to be able to help genuine people in their hour of need.

For you, please think what is really at risk when you take out insurance or arrange it on behalf of your clients. Most people do not realise until it is too late just what is really at stake.

3 responses to “What Really Matters and Why I do What I Do.”

  1. Jude says:

    Dear Prof Manning,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a timely reminder for me about why we do what we do, in a rather difficult week.

  2. Allan says:

    Sorry your week was a bad/tough one Jude. I hope it turns around quickly.

  3. Jennifer Phemister says:

    Hi Alan,

    We briefly chatted at the Geelong Zurich Seminar on Oct 1st. It is great to see people are ‘saved’ by insurance. Well done!

    All the best,

    Kind regards,


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