Warning over the Festive Season

Beautiful Christmas lights display.

Beautiful Christmas lights display, but remember to check the safety of your lights and ensure your home and contents insurance is up to date.

As I have been travelling around of late I have caught the morning news. It seems that every morning are the same stories. 2 house fires followed by a car crashing into a house.

With candles and Christmas tree lights causing many fires over this month, it is yet another of my reminders to ensure you have paid up both your home and contents insurance.

I know some will say they cannot afford it. I say, you cannot afford to be without it not only for the protection it gives to your property but also the comfort of having liability insurance.


In addition to this, while I was out at a fire recently I asked the senior officer if I could arrange for Steve Manning and the team from LMI Media to video what happens when even a tea spoon of water is thrown on to a kitchen fat fire.

The officer was happy to arrange something for me as he had only a few days ago been to a house fire where the homeowner had thrown a cup of water on a pan of oil that had caught fire and it had exploded all over her causing life threatening burns.

A fire blanket is a far far safer option and I plan on doing a more detailed article on a simple solution for restaurants.

So remember no matter how tempting it is, never ever throw water on any fat fire. fire

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  1. It is always an interesting comment ” I can’t afford it”. There is always a justification satisfactory to make the purchase. However, the justification to insure is less important. Want vs Need is definitely askew in the current consumer market.

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