US Patents and Trademark Office grant LMI a Trade Mark

LMI Granted Trade Mark in the US

This year is rushing along and we at LMI are certainly not standing still. On top of launching LMI BASIC in the UK last month we are working to launch a new app later this week, an updated version of three of our major products in Australia, New Zealand and the UK AND launch US versions of  LMI and LMI RiskCoach next month.

As the US do things slightly different to the rest of the English speaking world when it comes to insurance, the development of the US versions has meant a great deal of work for the IT and LMI Forensic teams.

Before launching it was important for us to protect our logo and intellectual property and after working on it for nearly a year, I was pleased to receive the Trade Mark certificate today from the US Patents and Trademark Office.

LMI ran with the project after initial advice from lawyers specialising in Intellectual Property (“IP”) protection in the US and Australia. The process did get slowed down when one of the major US insurers, or their lawyers to be technically correct, put up an objection on the very last day of the objection period. We nevertheless worked through their concerns explaining a) we were not competing with them in any shape or form and in fact were assisting them in educating customers and getting the sums insured right which would only be to their advantage and b) our logo looked absolutely nothing like theirs!

At the end of the day, reason won out and the all important trade mark has been granted. After all that we went through, we certainly will be having a little celebration tonight!

We already have the logo and several of our products trademarked in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Protecting your intellectual property is something that all businesses need to consider and obtaining the trademark was seen as a key step for us in doing so.

While LMI Legal did a great job for us, their expertise is in insurance and I would recommend Millens in Melbourne who have an expert in IP in their team and who helped us with the unexpected objection and gave us advice that we followed and that worked in getting our certificate.

We continue now with innovation patents where appropriate.


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