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Over the past 6 months or so, the team at LMI and I have been working on 5 levels of travel insurance for a new player in the Australian Market, TravelCard Real Time Travel Insurance. I was drawn to the company as they have such a great humanitarian approach to claims, particularly in the event of illness or injury while travelling overseas.

Today I am heading over on my annual sojourn to the RIMS (Risk Management Society) Conference, this year in San Antonio Texas and I would not dream of travelling without the protection of high quality travel insurance. (Particularly when I am flying on Friday 13th 🙂 )

On the long flight I am planning to work on a new eBook to explain travel insurance with my son Steve to assist travelers understand the importance of travel insurance and the pitfalls of buying it on price or not understanding.

As part of the research I was provided with some interesting statistics from Ashlea at TravelCard which I thought I would share with you today:

Did you know:

  1. Last year more than 1,600 Australian travellers died overseas
  2. Last year more than 1,701 Australians were hospitalised
  3. The equivalent is an Australian is hospitalisation or dies every 2.5 hours
  4. One third of all Australian overseas deaths in 2017 were attributed to just four countries in this area: Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. (I was glad to read this list did not include my destination for today).
  5. A massive 523 deaths were recorded in these popular travel destinations, which equates to around one Australian dying every 17 hours.

Source: Article

These statistics reaffirmed my already strong belief on the need for quality travel insurance. If you need advice on Travel Insurance, my recommendation is to speak to your insurance broker and for brokers, I would urge you to have a talk to the good folk at TravelCard to learn more about their product offering and claims service which I rate very highly. Their products will soon be up on both LMI and LMI as from 16th April.

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