Tips on cleaning gutters

drainIt never ceases to amaze me just how wide this blog is read. In response to an earlier post on one of my pet hates in building construction, undersized box gutters,  I received a very polite note advising me of a site which provides tips in how to clean gutters.

With Autumn well and truly upon us which means lots of falling leaves in many parts of the southern hemisphere and more wet weather I thought it timely to share the advice which can be found here.

Remember the old adage, a stitch in time saves 9 and this is certainly the case with water damage prevention v water damage.

One last thing, while home maintenance is of course important. But so is your safety. Too many people are injured or worse, killed working off ladders or slipping off roofs. If it is the least bit dangerous or you are over 55, I would strongly suggest you get someone to do it professionally.

Thanks Steph for sharing.

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