This is one piece of legislation that I would love to see come to Australia

This is one piece of legislation that I would love to see come to Australia

I wish I had this warning on my phone

The UK Government is calling for a change in the legislation to make directors personally liable with fines of up to £500,000 for nuisance calls.

The UK already have legislation that allows fines to be imposed, but directors are avoiding the fines by winding up the companies, declaring them bankrupt only to open up again the next day. This legislation would close this loop hole.

I do not know anyone who is not sick of receiving time wasting calls that seem to come in on your mobile phone at the wrong time or on your home phone just when you finally get to sit down for dinner. This is despite the fact, I am yet to speak to anyone who has changed their telecommunications or electricity supplier after receiving such a call.

As fast as I block the number, the same company rings back on a different number a few days later. The Do Not Call Register is simply not working.

Obviously some people are taking up the offers or they would not be this daily impost on our time. I question just who is. I wonder if they need more protection from these calls than I do.

I would take the legislation one step further and not only make the directors of the telemarketing company that gets the fine(s) but also the directors of the product(s) or services that they are ringing to sell.

Come on government, protect our right to some quiet thinking and leisure time in this 24 hour world. Better still offer some protection to the trusting and vulnerable in our society.

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  1. Mark says:

    On more than one occasion I have come up against a competing broker who states to clients that Mark V is better than the Mark IV therefore even if the Mark IV terms are more competitive the client has been so bamboozled they believe it. What is your view, is the Mark V better than the Mark IV? If so, why is Mark IV mainstream and so very few brokers use Mark V? Discussions with underwriters are that the Mark IV is the preferred.

  2. Allan says:

    I will tackle this one next week for you.

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