Theft from motor vehicles

There has been another spate of theft from motor vehicles in my street and I thought I would share with you the advice that the police have issued to all the residents.

  • Do not leave spare keys or keys of other vehicles or house keys in your car

You will recall in an earlier post that I did warn thieves are seeking the service key that is left in some high end motor vehicles.

  • Consider where you keep your garage remote control.

If you leave this in your car and your garage has access to your house, the thieves suddenly have access to your entire home through the garage door.

  • Always lock your car and remove all valuables including loose change.

  • Do not leave/store any vehicle keys in easily locatable/visible places inside your house, such as your kitchen bench or in close proximity of windows. Keep your keys in a discrete location and consider storing spare keys in a safe.

I’ve also learnt that there are some scanners available in the market that can pick up the code from the keys of some electronic car keys and the scanner can then be used to gain access to the vehicle, start it etc. This is particularly the case with key-less entry vehicles.

While I have the highest regard for the police, the incidents of thefts and burglaries is certainly increasing in Victoria and we all have a part to play to ensure we keep our property safe and that we do act when we hear burglar alarms, car alarms etc to ensure that someone else in our community is not the subject of a burglary, theft or worse.

The letter I received from the Police can be seen here (I have removed any words that identify the area of residence): Police Letter

2 responses to “Theft from motor vehicles”

  1. Don Walker says:

    I would like to add the importance of deadlocks on the house. Purpose being if an intruder enters the home, they can’t exit with the contents via the door if the door is deadlocked. Consider the number of homes that have an internal door between the home living area and the garage. Is there a deadlock on that door? If the home has deadlocks, how easy would it be to enter the home via a window and exist via the internal door to the garage and open the garage door. Taking Contents and Vehicle. Shows the importance of a deadlock on an internal door and not leaving deadlock keys accessible inside the home.

  2. Allan says:

    Hi Don, I missed your comment at the time and assume now my PA approved it but I just wanted to say that what you said is very sound advice.

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