Study confirms what my own research revealed about the stress of an Insured handling their own claim

QUT research into claimsThe most recent study results  by published by the Queensland Institute of Technology (“QUT”) titled Flood aftermath linked to post-traumatic stress confirms my own findings about the stress felt by an insured who is attempting to handle their own claim. This latest research was carried out by QUT researcher Kelly Dixon looked at the mental health impacts on victims of the Brisbane 2011 and Mackay 2008 floods.

What the research found is that the rebuild and dealing with an insurer and or loss adjuster is often more traumatic than the event that triggered the loss or disruption in the first place.

For a full copy of the research please click here. This is what I found in my research conducted during the mid 2000’s as part of my doctoral thesis.

It is for this reason that I always try and put myself in the shoes of the Insured and make the process as painless and stress free as I possibly can. This means regular contact, prompt progress payments and making sure that all the trades turn up when they ought and do the proper thing by the insured.

Feingold videoI recently finished a claim and took the opportunity to ask him how he found the process. Please click here view the short 2 minute video.  I am not alone in the way I do claims and all the LMI team take the same approach as do the better loss adjusters and claims officers. Certainly, I had great help from the insurer on this claim.

In a business situation, it is best for the client to get on and focus on and work at getting his/her business back together and letting a specialist assist in mitigating the loss and disruption and presenting a valid claim in accordance with the terms of the relevant insurance policy. That is why I set up LMI Group back in 1999 and our claims service remains the back bone of the organisation.

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