Self driving cars ARE the future.

As has been reported in the news today, Uber has suspended its self driving car testing after a pedestrian was hit and killed in the state of Arizona, United States.

I said in a 2016 blog and I still maintain that, there is no doubt there will be accidents and deaths as the technology is developed, but there is already clear evidence that self driving cars are becoming more and more safe and if you consider the number of miles that have already been driven by self driving vehicles and the fact that, to my knowledge, only two people have died during this entire period, I do hope that lessons will be learned from this tragic death, but the development will continue for the greater good of us all. 

2 responses to “Self driving cars ARE the future.”

  1. Andrew Woff says:

    Based on the reports, there was a employee in the vehicle who was ultimately in control should anything go terribly wrong. Given that he/she did not stop the vehicle prior to the accident occurring i wonder if this was just a terrible unavoidable accident and not as a result of the vehicle being autonomous.

  2. Allan says:

    I had the exact same thought Andrew. While this got a lot of attention, I would hate to think how many pedestrians are hit and killed on any single day around the world. I am personally horrified at the number of drivers distracted by texting or using social media while driving and I see this as a much greater risk than self driving cars.

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